Who am I?

As I write my first post on this blog, I wonder who am I? How can I explain that to the reader when I’m not exactly sure myself? I’m not sure, but I do know I’ll try.

So what am I? My name is Ginnette. I’m soon to be 31 years old. I’m an animal lover who dreams of saving as many lives as I possibly can in this lifetime. If you follow my social media accounts, you’ll see 90% of posts are animal related. I am mom to 3 fur babies. I have a wonderfully neurotic dog named Dobby. He’s proof that dogs are like their owners. I have a bunny, Baxter, who has more attitude than most teenage girls. Again, goes to prove that pets are like their owners. Finally, I have a guinea pig, Sorcha, who is a mix of her siblings. I’m also a foster parent to kittens.

I’m also someone who struggles with mental health issues. In the last few months, I decided to seek professional mental health care. It’s not the first time I seek help, but it is the first time I’ve found the right therapist. In the last few months, I have been diagnosed with C-PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression (highly functional). I’m working through therapy with a focus on EMDR. My goal is to be able to recall and move on from childhood trauma. I also hope to become a better version of myself. At 30 years old, I don’t truly know who I am, because who I am is based on my trauma.

So why this blog? This blog is an exploration of self. I find that writing liberates me and gives me permission to be who I am. At least, who I’m becoming. Remember, I’m not sure who I am outside of my trauma. Also, this blog is a result of people reaching out every time I share my struggles saying “I go through that too.” This blog is for the little girl within me that wished she had something to read as she was growing up that would make her feel seen. It’s to break all stigmas around mental health. It is to break out of my own shell.

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