My 2020 Goals

I don’t like setting New Years resolutions, but I do like setting goals for the year. I find that it helps keep me focused. Next year, we’re going into a new decade, so I feel it extra important to set some goals.

When I work with goals, I tend to get impatient. I want to accomplish things a lot faster than is possible. This can lead to frustrations which eventually leads to procrastination. This upcoming year, I’m aiming for more achievable goals. I’m also planning on breaking my goals into smaller tasks.

Without further ado, my 2020 goals…

1. Switch Careers – This is probably my biggest goal and has been for the last few years. It’s also been the biggest cause of frustration in my life. I’ve been working in a field I don’t feel connected to. In 2020, I aim to finally make the switch. Since this is such a big goal, I’m aware that it may not fully happen in 2020, so the aim is to make progress. As I write this, I have a few projects that should aid in me moving forward.

2. Continue working on my mental health – I’ve finally found a therapist that I click with. In 2020, I’m committing to my mental healthy by continuing to do the work. There are days that I want to stay in bed. There are days that progress seems nonexistent. On those days, I want to give up. I know I’ll need to continue to go choose myself and therapy on a regular basis.

3. Be more involved with in the animal rescue community – Right now, I’m fostering, volunteering, and working on an internship. For many years, I’ve put off this work due to fears of not being good enough. Going forward, I want to continue to be as active as possible while still continuing to take care of myself. My long term goal is to operate my own rescue. In order to do that effectively, I need to learn about all of the aspects of animal welfare. The learning opportunities at the animal shelter are priceless. It’s also a way to directly impact the lives of animals.

4. Be more vulnerable – My attachment type is avoidant. It’s soo hard for me to be vulnerable. I do want to eventually have a healthy romantic relationship, so this will be essential for me to work on. Healthy relationships can’t happen if one person is completely shut off.

5. Be more authentic – My whole life, I’ve hidden a lot of who I am due to shame. I’m ready to fully show up and be seen even if that means losing certain people or being judged.

6. Develop my business – This year I want to put more time and effort into my business. It’s time to truly give it the time and attention needed. I think this will aid me with my first goal.

7. Establish a more consistent spiritual practice – Right now, I’m struggling to keep a regular practice. I’ve noticed that my mood and mental health are much better when I meditate regularly and partake in other spiritual practices.

There are other goals, but these are the main ones. My next steps is to break these down into smaller steps. Thankfully, I have a wonderful life coach that is great with that part!

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