Visualization… Wait, You Can Actually See Images?

A few years ago, I started to attend meditation classes. It was guided meditations led by an instructor. The guided meditations took place in a safe space. We would come in, relax, go through the guided meditation, and then discuss it. I had done meditations before, but always on my own. My experience with meditationsContinue reading “Visualization… Wait, You Can Actually See Images?”

My Healing Journey While in Contact With My Family

While I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve mentioned my C-PTSD and my childhood. In all honesty, I haven’t fully shared what my childhood looked like. For one, I’m not fully comfortable. I’m also still trying to recognize the my trauma is valid. At times, I still feel like my trauma isn’t “big enough” or “traumaticContinue reading “My Healing Journey While in Contact With My Family”

Fostering as Someone With C-PTSD

This post comes after a very hard week of fostering. I started my kitten fostering journey in August. At the time, it seemed like the next step on my path to animal rescue. Since August, I’ve had the pleasure of fostering over 25 animals (short term/long term). To be honest, this has been an eyeContinue reading “Fostering as Someone With C-PTSD”

How I Self-Soothe My Anxiety and Stress (Hyperarousal)

I’ll be honest, this post started out as “How I deal with my anger,” but it evolved into my self-soothing techniques. If I’m being honest, one thing that tends to sneak up on me is anger. I can go from being happily disconnected from my own body to having hot lava seeping out of myContinue reading “How I Self-Soothe My Anxiety and Stress (Hyperarousal)”

Hi, I’m Ginnette. I’m a Shopaholic.

As I write this on Black Friday, the reminders of my shipping addiction are relentlessly chasing me. I’m the tiny rabbit in a field of foxes. Most people think of a shopping addiction, and they’re instantly annoyed reminded of a movie. Others think of it as a “normal” addiction, or something that isn’t really aContinue reading “Hi, I’m Ginnette. I’m a Shopaholic.”

Love Heals All Wounds, but Does It?

I’m sure we’ve all heard the expression “love heals all wounds,” or some close form of the expression. It’s a beautiful thought process. It speaks to the power of love, and I do believe in the power of love, but does it heal all wounds? In my experience, it’s just not true. I think manyContinue reading “Love Heals All Wounds, but Does It?”

A Look into My Dissociation

Before we begin, let’s define dissociation. If you look in the dictionary, you’ll find “Disconnection and lack of continuity between thoughts, memories, surroundings, actions, and identity.” Dissociation is a way for trauma patients to disconnect. It’s essentially what people mean when they say “zone out.” In my opinion, we all dissociate at one time orContinue reading “A Look into My Dissociation”